Making Neptune Rise

Always start off with empty space.

Everything begins with empty space.

Empty Space

Bring in the main part or parts to the scene. In this case, I’m featuring the Mansion and Neptune.

Making Neptune Rise 1

Jiggery poke things a little… Neptune would never be that small.

jiggery pokedAdd a final flourish and blur out some parts.

neptune rising 1And the scene is set. Neptune Rising behind the Mansion.


7 thoughts on “Making Neptune Rise

        1. That’s one of my intentions with this blog, Sue… to alter and adapt images in stages, hopefully to give the old inspiration a little boost every now and again; allowing for a little artistic licence along the way as well to ‘open the channels’ as it were!

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  1. How cool is that! Love your Neptune too! I’ve only just seen these other posts since I arrived on the site…I got notification of the latest one but none of these, even in the deleted folder where most unread notifications go 😉 Just as well I came via the website rather than the w.p app or I’d still be in the dark about them!


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