Alien Sunset

alien sunset 1

I started by sploshing around different shades of brown, aiming to achieve some kind of feeling of height and distance.

alien sunset 2

I continued with the different shades, remembering that things appear darker the closer they are to us. And then I added a lighter colour again.

alien sunset 3

I don’t know whether I intended an effect of volcanoes erupting here, or was simply highlighting some defined edges. I suppose it would work both ways, although there’s a lot of volcanoes if that were the case. And no smoke and ash, so that doesn’t make sense, thinking about it.

alien sunset 4

I filled in the sky. A warm colour that matched the colour of the landscape was most appropriate.

alien sunset 5

And then the Sun. You can’t have an Alien Sunset without the Sun!

alien sunset 6

Oh, and the alien, of course!

alien sunset by tom

And to finish, I added a couple of friends to make it appear that we are with those alien creatures on some far away world, looking out into a peaceful sunset.

I trimmed the image, and added my signature, and this splodging and splattering of colour is complete. Although, more could be added to it, I suppose…

3 thoughts on “Alien Sunset

  1. Very atmospheric! It’s fun watching how the different stages come together along with your imagination! Very fine splattering and splodging going on here Tom! You did a good job with the aliens…I was definitely there with them watching that fiery splodgy alien sunset!


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