Alien Creation (Part One)

With a slightly blue tint, this is Alien One. Part one in my new ‘Aliens’ series, and part one for this Splodge and Splattering. It ain’t finished yet!

More to follow.

Oops. Apparently ‘ain’t’ shouldn’t be used in a formal or written piece. This is neither, so it don’t matter!

14 thoughts on “Alien Creation (Part One)

    1. Thanks, VK… and many apologies for not replying sooner.
      I did have a look at the link… and I did contemplate entering… but I have plans for my superheroes and want to concentrate on them for now, so I decided to let someone else win! Hehehe… you have to think positive, don’t you?! Thank you for suggesting the contest to me though.


    1. Thanks, Icewolf… I shall need to revisit him soon! I didn’t think he came from the Vortex, but anything’s possible!
      By the way, did you read my Halloween posts over on Beyond the Sphere? I think you were away at the time, but it was the story I mentioned to you many Moons ago featuring the character Icewolf. Not you, obviously… 😉

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      1. Yes I was away unfortunately caught up in the crisis vortex otherwise known as the real world! It’s nearly Christmas so I should have a few days off work to catch up with your missed posts 🙂 Sorry I wasn’t around at the time…you know what these vortexes are like!

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