The Vortex

For more details relating to this post, please visit Icewolf’s site by clicking HERE. Space exploration, black holes, vortices, meteor showers and …Mansions? are all included. What in space is happening?

Bursts of phosphorus white (which appear green) bubbles burst out from the turbulence of the transformation of the black hole into a vortex. The bubbles are then swallowed back within as the vortex morphs again into a black hole. The energy displacement is immense, creating swathes of sulphur and oxygen-rich clouds which dance rhythmically with all the toing and froing.

At the point of the black hole snapping itself shut, plumes of dust and gas are sent hurtling out into the far reaches of the galaxy. Some of these particles bind together, and as they freeze on their outward journey, they speed away like miniature comets. Where they end up is anyone’s guess.

As the vortex forces itself out through the black hole once again, gigantic sparks of lightning can be seen inside the energy cloud. A thunderous explosion, silent in the vacuum of space, casts shockwaves out in all directions, rocking everything in its path. Everything, and everyone…

18 thoughts on “The Vortex

  1. By that last statement TL, were you implying perhaps you were out there viewing this in person and getting knocked around? I think you slip into space a lot more than you are letting on 🙂 Just glad you are enjoying it all so much! VK

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  2. Momma Nature is an amazing thing!!! 🙂

    We are made of the remains of exploding stars, the Universe trying to figure itself out! 🙂

    We are star stuff and can never be destroyed, only changed!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  3. Wow!! You have done wonders with the Vortex! You have brought it to life in a whole new way and it is truly awesome in every respect!! Clearly your extra galactic experiences in trans dimensional space have brought your inner astronomy physicist to the forefront in the most creative of ways! There is hope for your brain cells yet! lol 🙂 They seem to be in very good intellectual shape and the artistic part of your brain is working beautifully! I am thoroughly enjoying this journey into the heart of the Vortex-black hole….I never realised how awe inspiring it really was till I got a proper view of it here!! 😉

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  4. Reblogged this on Icewolves of Europa and commented:
    Brilliant post by Tom on his Splodge and Splatter blog! Perfect supplement to “The Mansionoid Meteorites” so if you’re keen and anxious for your next Mansionoid fix before Wolfie gets a paw out and produces the next part, (altogether now….”Oh yeah Wolfie!! Give it to us now Wolfie!!! Oh yeaaaaah!!!” There you go…such lovely friends on my blog space! lol 😉 ) then this is THE read for you 🙂 Learn much, much more about the scientific….and otherwise lol points about the Vortex and really familiarise yourself with exactly where the Mansion actually is! Awesome images created by Tom to be found here too…a visual delight for the Mansonoid Meteorite fan! Enjoy!! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂 It’s a great post and seems like plenty of others agree with me! Don’t know if it does ping back thingies or whatever they’re called on pages but I poached one of your icewolf pics…or possibly two if I remember rightly along with some text from the Splatter and Splodge post for my About Me page. Since you said it was ok to borrow from it 🙂 That page gets a huge amount of traffic way above anywhere else on my blog so I figured with a link to yours it’d be good traffic driving to yours too 🙂

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    1. Hello Eugenia, and welcome to my little ‘art gallery’.
      This blog has just had it’s second birthday, which I hadn’t realised, so it isn’t really all that new to me!
      And me too, I get a lot of inspiration from the Universe.

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