Around Elt Gored

Sunset on the mystical island of Elt Gored (pronounced goRED).

Long abandoned, deserted and forgotten, the island is dotted with ruins.

Strange arch towers can be found everywhere, mostly intact. They appear to be Atalan in structure.

Pillars appear to have stretched around the perimeter of the island, presumably when it was one before it started to crumble into the ocean.

Hilltop structures resemble palaces, monasteries, even Mansions.

The Gateway to the Rest of the World is also the Gateway to the Realms of the Imagination.

Several inner islets have temples which look magnificent with the backdrop of a Full Moon.

On the very central islet stands the Lunar Temple, it’s very peaceful with only the distant sounds of the waves lapping on the many shorelines and the occasional rustling of the wind through the trees. When aligned correctly with the Moon, the Central Arches are bathed in a pure white light. For those few seconds time slows, as if the Universe is waiting for something to take place. Exactly what, however, is just another of Elt Gored’s mysteries.

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4 thoughts on “Around Elt Gored

    1. Thanks, Prenin.
      They certainly hold secrets. I’ll be calling by here again in the near future, so you never know… one or two of these secrets may well just be discovered! 😉


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