Come the Heroes

I’ve always been a superhero fan. Always.

So I thought I’d create an image just to promote my new blog. A blog dedicated to the exploits of my very own superteam and their friends and enemies.

Adapting figures created in DAZ Studio to add a little more life into my characters and blending them together with a Venusian landscape created in Bryce, I present some of the Elite Force of Britain, or EFB as they are generally known.

The creative aspect of designing the characters, creating the stories, and padding out their backgrounds is a fun one. The posts over on

The Superhero Diaries Blog

are a mix of old and new at present, but will eventually become all new when the blog catches up!

The Superhero Diaries

Who are these superheroes? What are their powers? What are they like?

These questions and more will be answered, and probably more questions will arise, through the pages of the Superhero Diaries.

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