Hearts and Dragons

Using PowerPoint, take a grey heart.

Copy it a few hundred times.


Rearrange the hearts, and alter the shading on some.

Add a couple of colours.

Take more hearts, and create a background, trying to obtain a ‘sky’ effect.

Place the Dragon Hearts onto the background hearts, adding a few more colours (if required). Also add a solid back to finish things off.

Tweak the colours on the whole image one more time.

Add a signature and then you’re done!

6 thoughts on “Hearts and Dragons

  1. Intriguing process….One could get lost completely if one were stoned while doing this 🙂 I think exploring imagination is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It needs to be exercised just like our bodies. Imagination is our ticket out of hell. If we can imagine it we can create it. That said TL. I guess next you have to create flying dragons for real and then away you go!!! Just leave a few behind for all of us…VK

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