6 thoughts on “The Mansion

    1. It can be very creepy at times, Prenin. It’s probably due to the fact that I like Halloween…or maybe that’s the reason…
      The notification problem must be nearing resolve now!


  1. Not a very cozy looking abode my friend…Makes me think winter must be brutal in those stone rooms! BTW, why is the print on this blog so small? It is tiny and it’s a good thing I have my glasses 🙂 Have a happy….VK

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      1. No need to change your font for me!! I can see it okay 🙂 I can picture a big stone hallway for a living room with a massive sit- in fireplace…Guess it is more modern than that huh? It makes me think of castles I guess.LOL..Glad you are staying warm..>VK

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