A Scattered Splatter

In PowerPoint, create an array of random shapes 
Drag them together to form a more solid looking shape:

Group them and adjust them if necessary:

Add a background, shadows and reflection:

Tweak the image somewhat:

And then you kind of have a rather rough PowerPoint Splodge and Splatter Fox.

Not quite the real thing, though…..

8 thoughts on “A Scattered Splatter

  1. I do love this fox. If you never write a book with him as the character let me know TL. I will hire you to illustrate my books with him. He just has a welcoming way about him. Quite a challenge to create him it looks like. Well done! VK 🙂

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    1. Now there’s an interesting proposition, VK. I shall get back to you if I don’t write about him… the spark you’ve planted in my mind has him venturing outwards, so we’ll see!
      Actually this was quite easy to create in PowerPoint, the fox himself was more of the challenge! 😀

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  2. I love it – so cool to see how you made your fox! But you know what’s funny? I was reading your post in my RSS aggregator, which has a white background, and when I saw the first picture of jumbled-up shapes… I thought it was going to be a chicken!

    A fox and a chicken… seems like some kind of cosmic symmetry there…

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    1. Now that you mention it, Diane, I can see the chicken myself. And a fox and a chicken would make for some interesting tales… and pictures. And anything that’s created cosmically is always good in my book!

      Thanks, Diane.

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