Ancient Times

I think my creativity is slowly coming back to me. I hope it is.

I had an idea to create a view of my Elt Gored location long before the place started falling apart and plunging beneath the waves.

That didn’t go exactly to plan, so this is another work in progress!

Firstly, I needed to create buildings that appeared to be from times gone by. Cue PowerPoint:

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Two-dimensional, I know, but when lined up they make quite a good street scene.

The next thing needed was the background. I used my Evening Rainbow photograph for the sky, and built the ground up using the shapes tool in PowerPoint.

I also included a few palm trees obtained through the Clip Art option, although I’m not happy with how they’ve turned out. The next time I look at this, I’ll have a go at creating the palms in PowerPoint as well.

I randomly scattered the buildings around, resizing some of them to try to get a little feel for perspective, but further work needs doing on this too. The building in the bottom right, for example, looks as though it should be bigger. Also, I’m not happy with the windows as I feel they need to be somewhat darker. The small building on the hill in the background has a clear domed roof which isn’t very clear… I mean obviously clear in the picture!

With everything in place, I then turned to PicMonkey, a great free site that allows you to edit and add effects to photos, and Photoshop Elements to add the finishing touches.

There’s definitely work to be done. I need to add more plants and a few roads wouldn’t go amiss either. A few statues and possibly one or two people dotted about may add to the picture as well. But, it’s a start.

And considering I’ve hardly had any kind of inspiration for over a week, I don’t think I could ask for anything more!

7 thoughts on “Ancient Times

  1. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to begin to do any of this…Well mastered TL. Is it really hard? I mean to you have to be a computer genius to understand this stuff? It looks like fun and what a great way to spend hours releasing creativity…Your soul is very happy….VK 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing the process you went through to create this very interesting picture.
    And I hope you find new inspiration soon. I find that sometimes I have more inspiration than I can cope with and other times there is nothing. So I write the ideas down when I have them and go back to them when i hit a dry spot.

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    1. Hi Magny! And thank you! Yes, I think I’m like you when I have lots of inspiration – making notes will certainly help the times when I’m less productive.

      I like the name of your blog – ‘the magic of creativity’ sums things up perfectly!

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