Hallowe’en 2016: The Key


I, at first, couldn’t work out the meaning of the three symbols. A wine glass, a teapot and a key – how could they even link to a number?

Puzzled, I said aloud ‘three’ – logical choice with there being three objects. The shimmer and shake told me it was wrong. ‘Ninety-eight attempts remaining’ announced the voice from nowhere.

There was a number on the key. ‘20102’ I hoped this was correct; I was told otherwise.

‘Ninety-seven attempts remaining.’

‘Ninety-seven’ I said, carelessly thinking aloud.

‘Ninety-six attempts remaining.’

If I’d have carried on in that vein, I would have been fine, but I didn’t. That said, I was still fine, as a burst of inspiration suddenly struck me from somewhere.

It was the wine and the nine that I noticed first. Rhyme. Spells work in rhyme – well, some do. It was worth a go.


‘Ninety-five attempts remaining.’

‘Ninety.’ I added the tea to the wine.

‘Ninety-four attempts remaining.’

‘Ninety-three’ I threw in for good measure, using three for key.

A burst of lightning pulled the package from out of my hands, and it hovered before me, slowly opening itself.

Now all I had to do was to put things right.

Click here to go to Beyond the Sphere, where the story continues.


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