Space Fleet

In a galaxy far, far, far, far, far away, the Interplanetary Bus Company runs regular shuttle services from the planet Terminus, a bustling and thriving planet home to two hundred billion residents. The planet is the closest to the binary star system it orbits, and there are four other planets that are home to intelligent life – and they all need to use these shuttle buses to planet hop. The average journey length is one month, planet to planet, and each bus comes with five-star accommodation as standard. Here is Fleet One leaving Terminus:

We may get to see the interior of one of these buses at a later date.

The image has been created in PowerPoint once again. I created the spheres first which gave me the push to create a scene from outer space, but when I started, I had no idea that I would end up with a fleet of buses. Well, you wouldn’t, would you, thinking of space.

I just randomly generated some shapes, and added some 3D effects to each of them:

I then merged them all together, and saved the image on screen with a transparent background.

I then obtained an image of outer space from Pixabay to use as the background, as the black background I was initially using looked a little too stark. Being in outer space really does call for a star-filled backdrop. Once together, I added my ‘digital’ signature and the picture was complete. Very basic, but I like the clean metallic look to the fleet.

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