11 thoughts on “Bowl of Fruit

    1. Thanks, Raili! I’ve just managed to get over here now… I could see your comment flashing away there waiting to be moderated but I just couldn’t get here! Sorry about that!!!
      This one just fell into place! I discovered how to make a sphere a few weeks ago, and then just used that method on these shapes. It’s really easy once you get going. I really enjoy being creative in PowerPoint!
      Thanks for calling by, Raili.

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  1. Cooo, you clever thing, you!

    I don’t use Powerpoint, but I have got an ooold Photoshop which I still use, and love it to pieces. It’s so lovely to sit and play with it now and again, when my brain just wants to stop thinking quite so hard.

    Great picture Tom. Well done, Mr. Artist. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you awfully, Cobs… I do wish that was spelled awfly – but hey! It looks terrible both ways! Hehe!
      I have Photoshop Elements (which was a freebie with another art package), which I like using, but I have great fun creating things out of PowerPoint. It’s just different!

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      1. I can see! You have such talent.

        D’y know … I rather like that ‘awfly’. I said it out loud (to the amusement of my dog) and it sounds terribly terribly to start with (terribly terribly = posh) … but when it ends, it sounds REALLY gutteral and in such an ‘awfl’ way too! lol.

        But written … it just FITS!
        🕸 <— Cobweb Emoji!! You have built a monster! LOL
        Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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