Moonbeam Magic

I seem to be creating in tandem this week, firstly by creating an image for Splodge and Splatter, and then using the image for a post on Beyond the Sphere.

It’s all in a vain attempt to keep the heat away and try to make myself feel a little cooler. Yesterday’s refreshingly orange cocktail still had a warm element going on with it, so today I have taken inspiration from the cool darkness of the night. Still no idea as to the flavour, but this sparkling slow drink has the remnants of a sunset but is extremely chilling. Just the ticket for a warm Summer’s evening. Or a cool Winter’s one, come to think of it!

10 thoughts on “Moonbeam Magic

  1. I know what you mean Tom! 🙂

    I have all the windows open and still it is 26’C!!! 🙂

    Apparently the roads are melting down south, so I’m happy to remain here!!! 🙂

    Stay cool my friend! 🙂


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