Please Go To Gate 4

We’re in Interplanetary Departures today. Another image inspired once again by Icewolf’s post, this was created in PowerPoint as usual. Some shapes were created and 3D adapted, others were just used as they were. A few PowerPoint people were added, although there weren’t that many to choose from, hence the departure lounge looking somewhat empty. But, it was full a moment ago, with most passengers waiting for the Orion Nebula Express, and they’ve all left for Gate Four. It’s a good thing text is needed in a departure lounge, to move things along somewhat.

Above are some of the images and shapes used in the completed image, although I don’t really need to write this as you can see they are in the completed image! The Nebula image was obtained from Pixabay.

4 thoughts on “Please Go To Gate 4

  1. Love this Tom! Great graphic design and I am a great fan of the colour scheme too 😃 Don’t worry about the apparent few people in the departure lounge -they’ve all gone running off to Gate 4 as instructed 😀

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