The Lionsgate Portal

Feeling a little different lately? It could be because of this – the alignment of Earth, Sun and Sirius. This alignment opens a magical and Universal energetic Portal known as the Lionsgate. The Sun is in the constellation Leo whilst this alignment is taking place, hence the Lionsgate name. The Earth is being bathed in the light of the two stars, the Sun and Sirius, and we are picking up these extra strong Cosmic Vibes.

The Portal is open between July 26th and August 12th, being at its most powerful on August 8th… with numerologists pointing out the 888 connection (8th August (8th Month) 17 (1+7=8). 8 represents infinity.

I don’t know a great deal about the Portal as such, apart from it bringing in these vast swathes of cosmic energy; although the name is presenting itself to me more and more. I do know I had the urge to create something based on the Lionsgate Portal, so this is what I came up with, representing energies coming forth.

Time to start clearing out our thoughts and ideas that don’t fit with us now, it seems, and allow these new energies to provide us with some new insights.

The image was created in PowerPoint, using randomly created shapes, and an alternative version of my sun. With a ClipArt lion thrown in for good measure.

8 thoughts on “The Lionsgate Portal

  1. Nice image Tom. Well executed.
    Love the (what looks – to me – like) ribbons of hair being blown out from the central picture. And, being a Leo, of course I like the Lion sitting proudly at the head.
    Great Sun shining forth and bathing us in it’s wonderful light.

    Maybe it’s trying to guide you to a place you should be?
    Trying to shine a light onto an aspect of your life or the time you a living in, and beckoning you to look at this area and make the changes you need to make in order to move onto your next step.

    Or maybe it’s just showing you the perfection of the situation you are now in and wanting you to see that ‘now’ is your time and you can relax and stop worrying.

    Only you can decide what it is that this message holds for you, because only you know the situation. But … I feel that there is a positive feeling surrounding you, so keep looking for the positive Tom.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks, Cobs. I think the light is shining again now… I just went briefly into the shadows for a moment there. The hair is meant to represent fronds of energy, but I coloured them to also represent a lion’s mane, so hair is also a good analogy.

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