Sweet Shop

Isn’t it terrible when you just want a small bag of sweets, and the shop assistant is nowhere to be seen? I’m sure they do it deliberately to make you change your mind as to what it is that you want. Weighing up the rainbow sherbet with the rainbow canes… or both? Or nether, and go for the pineapple cubes for a change. And they have red liquorice laces… I haven’t had a red liquorice lace for years. Oh, and they have jelly beans – and they have BLUE ones! Decisions, decisions. Maybe I’ll just go for mints instead.

Another quick PowerPoint creation in glorious 2D. I think I’ll age it a little:

I like the effects my little Photoshop Elements provides. It almost wiped out my signature, but it didn’t! Although it has highlighted that the base of the till isn’t exactly square. Ah well. Never mind. Imperfections are to be expected.

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