The First Wolfsgate

Over on Beyond the Sphere, I had a very quick discussion with Icewolf regarding the concept of a magical and mysterious Wolf Gate, which, as we all know, is trans-dimensional portal and gateway between worlds. Access of which is found through small copses… although, it is said, they are not limited there.

I told Icewolf that I would look into the concept in a little more detail here on Splodge and Splatter, and off I trotted through the Grinds to the small copse at the far end.

I crawled through the shrubbery on all fours, in pretty much the same way that any self respecting wolf would do… and would you believe what I found there? Yes, unbelievably there was a Wolfsgate. It looks like it leads to the Earth, which is surprising and not so in equal measures, but with that being there surely there must be others.

And others that lead to different worlds.

This concept needs looking into in further detail methinks… and as soon as I find the next Wolfsgate I shall post about it here.

Remember, it’s a big Universe out there…

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