Mona Thomasina

Over on Beyond the Sphere, I have recently posted a portrait of Thomasina, my Inner Woman, in an attempt to recreate the style of a famous painting in history. My portrait is entitled ‘Mona Thomasina’, which is obviously based upon the ‘Mona Lisa’. Now, I know and fully understand, that no explanation is required here, but you really do have to say something. Especially on a blog, so I have.

Who’s Thomasina? I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you; thank you very much for asking. Thomasina shares my mind with a multitude of other Inner Beings, or Aspects, as I like to call them. She’s one of many random personalities who suddenly decide to pop up and send my life in an entirely different direction. Not quite an ‘urge’, I hasten to add, but more a screaming suggestion. Oh, don’t worry. they’re under control. I just like to give them free reign from time to time and write about their antics after.

Well, this is Blogland. And this is Thomasina (circled):

She’s with my Inner Me, and Tombie, my Inner Zombie. It’s all fun!

Mona Thomasina started by Thomasina taking herself off to the rockiest and harshest part of my inner mind. She took part of a bridge and a chair with her. It’s amazing what one can do in one’s imagination! She sat herself down, and got herself into a Mona Lisa sort of position. She couldn’t do the actual pose, but she got herself as close as she could do so in her mind. In my mind.


“Now, create!” she commanded. Which I did. You can’t really argue with Thomasina when her mind’s made up. “No.” she continued, “That’s not good enough. You must tweak it further.”

So, I went to Photoshop Elements and started a tweakin’! I added texture:

Which she didn’t like. I removed the texture, and added some speckles:

“No!” she said. “Do something else!” So I removed the speckles, and added a blur:

“Does that look like the Mona Lisa to you?” She asked. I had to say no. But I really did. I removed the blur, and then brought back the speckles, but with a much darker edge:

“It’s getting there, but something still isn’t right.” She had a point. It was more Mona Lisa-ish, but not enough. Most of the speckles had to go:

“That’s it! That’s the look I wanted!” She squealed with delight. Fortunately, it was the look I wanted also, so I went with it.


It just needed a semi-transparent yellow cover, just to give it the appearance of a little age, and a frame to finish things off. The frame was from ClipArt by Microsoft PowerPoint.

And that was it. Thomasina blended away happily. I’d created a new image which resembled what I was going for, based on the actual painting, I might add; only everything was different.

Well, with art, you have to make things your own, don’t you?

17 thoughts on “Mona Thomasina

    1. I’m happy you found it interesting, Beverly. It’s all part of the process.
      Your question about why I’m doing it has, however, sent me off down a different path of why do I bother blogging in the first place… so I’ve had to answer it as best as I could in a new blog post that will be published over on Beyond the Sphere later.

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    1. Aw, thanks, Sue. Yes, there’s always something to generate a smile. 🙂
      I have more of these classics on the way – the next over on Beyond the Sphere next week – we shall see then if the smiles remain! 😉

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