19 thoughts on “Fast Dance

    1. Maybe flamenco with a modern twist, Sue… I was going for paso doble, but that’s a kind of flamenco anyway, so I’m not too far out.
      free movement flamenco. There. That’s what it is! 😀 Oh-lay!!!

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        1. Yes, they are quite dramatic aren’t they. More controlled than my interpretation! (In the picture form, I mean… my actually dancing style is indescribable!)

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            1. When I used to ‘dance’ Sue, I enjoyed it. Others enjoyed it maybe not as much, but I did! I don’t really dance nowadays – although I do enjoy a good foot-tap every now and again! 😀

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                1. I often wonder if we were visited by visitors from far distant planets, and they saw us dancing, or swimming, or doing anything which isn’t naturally ours to do, just what they’d make of us. It gives me a chuckle to think! 😀

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