14 thoughts on “Splash of Colour

    1. Sorry Cobs… my vigorous anti-spam click didn’t reach over to this blog, but I’ve rescued you from here now as well!
      We’ll be back in that garden sometime soon! Hope you liked the coffee!

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          1. I was advised by W.Press to contact Akismet regarding my comments going into everyone’s spam folder. So I did, and Akismet helped .. and shortening the tale – I think they’ve fixed it!

            Obviously I’m not going to know for sure, unless someone tells me that my comments are still going to their spam folder. But … I have my fingers, toes, knees and eyes crossed. Admittedly I’m not looking my most attractive like this – but it’s worth it if it works! lol ~ C. x

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            1. You don’t want to look too cross, Cobs, that doesn’t fit your image one bit!
              These comments seem fine here… although I spotted your post wasn’t in the reader… I was looking out for it, you see!
              Good thing Akisment have fixed your comments issue, though. πŸ™‚

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