8 thoughts on “Summer

      1. I saw that this morning! I so wish we could travel back in time to see them in their happenings as they lived. It always feels mystical/magical to me… Maybe the mansion could take us back perhaps? VK

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        1. I’d love to see that too… although the Mansion’s view of things may be somewhat different to how they really looked… you know how the Mansion works!😊 Never say never though!

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    1. Yes, thanks Sue. The 22nd was one of the official start dates of Summer, which prompted me to post this. It’s no wonder we’re easily confused with different dates/numbers etc for the same things! 🙄😁😉


  1. Pity they banned the Druids from Celebrating the solstice at Stonehenge.

    Apparently they streamed it live on the web, but that’s nowhere as good as the real thing. 😦 ❤

    How long before they ban people from going to church to preserve the buildings???

    Blessed Be my friend! 🙂 ❤


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    1. I have a feeling such bans are being attempted, Prenin. Discretely, obviously.
      At least the Solstice was streamed, which is better than nothing, but that does mean looking through somebody else’s eyes…

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