13 thoughts on “Aura

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. When I started this, it looked nothing like the end result. I had bands of bold colour, in digital oils so they looked really thick. When I blended the colours together where they touched, it didn’t look right, so I blended them all together and got this!
      I do enjoy playing with colour! 🙂


      1. I’ve been known to do the same: playing with colors. Years ago, I had a photo taken that was suppose to emphasize my aura. It was all blues and purples. I found that quite interesting as I am into symbolism and those colors symbolize personal power and wisdom and knowledge. And I find that I use them more than others. But am also drawn to green which is the color of growth. I do enjoy exploring what others create. It often fuels my own process.


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        1. Blues are also meant to represent health and healing, from what I remember being told. When I had one of my aura photographs taken, a lady who I didn’t know had just had hers done, and her aura was a simple blue orb just above her shoulder. My red aura is like a huge glow all around me… they couldn’t have been any more different!
          I have a slight touch of green in one of my photos too.
          And yes, any kind of creation can trigger inspiration.

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          1. I truly believe that creativity is a built in element of the human condition. If we don’t explore it, we fail to enter our full potential because it is what allows us to grow and to become who we are truly meant to be. It is what allows us to grow and become more than we were, and it is meant to heal the world around us.


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