Usually, I have a Mini-Hallowe’en in February, although over the past couple of years I haven’t really felt like having the normal one, let alone an extra one. 

To move slowly forward, I created a composite image based on a previous creation of mine of Thomasina’s The Scream, which in itself was based on a rather more famous painting known as The Scream.


The original, I mean my original, or rather Thomasina’s original, is featured centre-bottom there, with an upside down blurry version top-left if you feel like standing on your head.

It’s just a random expression of thoughts, really… which is creation in itself, I suppose… only creation has a little more structure to it – a little more thought.

Or maybe not.

In case you wonder; Thomasina is my Inner Woman who makes herself known every now and then. And Tombie… well, he’s my Inner Zombie, obviously. He’s just as much a frequent visitor, it’s safe to say.

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