Inspired by Ladysigh’s Tarot (that was a link which opens a new window!), I shall be creating an intermittent Splodge and Splatter Tarot deck from time to time. The Fool card represents a journey, so there’s no better place to start than right at the beginning! It’s going to be a quirky, whimsical tarot, hopefully full of fun and references and quotes hidden within the creations (or maybe not so hidden, as in this case!)

Yes, only fools rush in… which is what our hero in this painting is meant to be illustrating… and more fool me for publishing this without completely finishing the painting… have you seen those hands? All completely deliberate, I can assure you! So is all the red and green, which should never be seen…

This fool has left his little dog behind, though, and his belongings. He’s just gone for it. And so have I!

Created in ArtRage, finished in PowerPoint.

4 thoughts on “Fool!

    1. Thanks, Beverly. I’m seeing signs for the tarot of late, and when I had the idea to paint my own version of the cards, I decided to go for it!
      Inspiration comes from absolutely anywhere! 🙂

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