Beyond the Sphere, my other blog, has posted its 3000th post today.

Not to be outdone by such a milestone, Splodge and Splatter today posts for the one hundredth time. That’s one hundred posts of random artistic creativity of a surreal nature.

OK, it isn’t as grand as 3000 posts, but it’s a start. Some of the images in the posts here even end up in posts over there! Although some from there have also ended up over here, so it balances things out a little.

There’s still plenty of food available in the Reception Room in the Mansion and the champagne’s still flowing as well… if you haven’t had your fill. It’s all virtual so you can have as much as you want and not put an ounce on! And if you haven’t been there yet, please pop on over – the link is at the top of the page.

I’ve only another 2,900 posts to go before I catch up to my other blog, but by then Beyond the Sphere may be in the tens of thousands of posts.

What? I am a dreamer!

Here’s to milestones! Here’s to celebrations!


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