Hidden Layers

Hidden Layers

Remember those Magic Eye pictures from the last century? Well, this is my attempt at creating one! Just look at the image, and relax your eyes… try to gently see through or beyond the image. When you reach the required level of focus, the image will take on more depth, with highs and lows and floating bubbles… hidden gateways to a magical realm beyond (perhaps!)

You won’t see any dolphins or elephants… but if you do, that’s a bonus!

The image is made up of several sections of an image I recently posted over on The Mansionic Perspective and a slight adaptation of the one used in today’s post over there.

Created in ArtRage and modified in PowerPoint.

This is a free blog, so there will now probably follow an ‘inobtrusive’ advertisement. I apologise for that and some of the images that will be used. You may need to scroll down a little to get passed them to reach the comment section. Such is life!


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