Oh, Wolf!

As per usual, create several hundred random shapes in PowerPoint. Not at the very beginning, I might add, but add them as time progresses. These are all the shapes I used after de-constructing the finished image.

Only go so far with the shapes. Stop once the image is looking something like. It’s still a creation, not a photograph!

I then tried using different filters and effects in Photoshop Elements.


The above effect was achieved using the Cutout filter.

The next effect is the Poster Edges filter. It provides quite a static look…

Next to try was the Sponge filter. I like how this makes it look more like a painting.

Even better than the Watercolour filter, in fact!

And finally, I tried the Crystallize Pixelate effect, just for fun.

I saved the image, and then dragged it into the Google image search. I was pleased with the results it brought back. Best Result, Google advised, was ‘Animal’. In the similar images, there was a photo of a wolf, but I think that would have had more to do with the colouring rather than the image itself. Well, I can dream. Animal is good enough for me!

11 thoughts on “Oh, Wolf!

  1. You have quite a talent Tom! 🙂

    I wouldn’t know where to begin myself, but I know this: Wolfie is going to love it when she gets back from wherever she’s got to!!! 🙂

    God Bless my artistic friend!!! 🙂


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